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"Uncertainty is Trust's shadow (2010)

On 2nd March 2010 in its Opinion column 'Rite and Reason', the Irish Times published a modified version of this article, which was an earlier draft lacking some of the qualifications made in 'Uncertainty is Trust's shadow' "

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18/01/07 Address to the Forum on Europe

by Archbishop Diarmuid Martin in Dublin Castle, on the 50th Anniversary of the Treaty of Rome. 'The Values Underpinning European Integration'

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"Mature Faith has nothing to fear from critical reason"

(Irish Times: 6th January 2007) By Sean Goan and Kieran O'Mahony

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The extraordinary story of Christmas: is it credible? by Andrew Furlong

(23rd December 2006) Opinion Page in the Irish Times

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What is missing in Islam is need for modern theological insights by Andrew Furlong

(4th November 2006) Opinion Page in the Irish Times

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What next for Christianity in Ireland?

Is Christianity in Ireland slowly dwindling away or is it moving into recovery mode after a few bad years? asks Hilary Wakeman (September 2006)

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Astonishing assumptions underlying belief in atoning sacrifice by Andrew Furlong

(Gibson film) (Easter 2004)

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Theological Myths at root of church's decline

Has much of Christianity become a case of believing the unbelievable, asks Hilary Wakeman (December 2003)

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New concepts which will allow faith and worship to flourish

As Dean Andrew Furlong prepares for his heresy trial next Friday, Canon Hilary Wakeman reflects on the crisis in the churches and 'a new Christianity', about which we must talk openly." (7 May 2002)

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Addressing and challenging a culture of fear

The clergy need to overcome their fear of challenging the faith of the laity, by doing so they will help them to grow - Andrew Furlong (2003)

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Article written by David FitzPatrick

a member of the Church of Ireland, first published in St John's, Sandymount, parish magazine (2002) , but also in Tried for Heresy A 21st Century Journey of Faith (by Andrew Furlong)

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Beyond Alienation - A Personal View

Sean O'Conaill explains how Catholic alienation may be very different from the alienation experienced by other Christians.

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