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Annual Lecture 2013

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Wednesday 19th June 2013 at 7.30pm

“In Defence of Doubt: an invitation to adventure”

A talk by Australian theologian Dr Val Webb

Member of the Centre for Progressive Religious Thought, Canberra. See: www.valwebb.com.au

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Meeting: Saturday 24th November at 2.30 pm


This meeting took place in the upstairs meeting room at Taney Parish Centre, Dundrum.


The topic for discussion was ‘The Mystery of Existence’. Helen Costello gave an introduction and spoke about her interest in the writings of several authors, mentioning in particular Pierre Teilhard de Chardin SJ and Gabriel Marcel. She had been interested in the former’s thinking about the Noosphere and the latter’s about existentialism. She described how she had attended night courses in UCD on archaeology and philosophy and had often pondered the unanswerable question of why is there anything at all.


Those present shared their acceptance that God or at least the concept of God defies human comprehension and that the old questions relating to the problem of evil and suffering do challenge people to ask what ideas of God they hold. It was agreed that an understanding of God which involved interpreting sickness and disease as a punishment for people’s sins was to be rejected. It was accepted that there is no ready answer to the question that many people have asked: “if God is perfect and all-powerful, why does he / she not do more to relieve the world’s suffering and prevent such tragedies as natural disasters?”


There was also discussion about human identity, motives, freedom and choices. It was agreed that we never fully understood ourselves and remained partly mysterious to ourselves and to others. This meant that we might not know our true motives and that even our freedom, if it existed, was not fully understood either.

One person said that if God is omnipotent, then he could have created a perfect world populated by perfect people, instead he created an imperfect world populated by imperfect people. His speculation was that he did this in order to challenge us to be charitable towards one another. He stated that there would be no need for charity in a perfect world. He wondered if we will be judged by God on how we lived up to this challenge!!


He also said that when we consider the highly irrational religious beliefs that people hold, it seems that, generally speaking, people are very gullible when it comes to religion. For him, he continued, it is easier to have hope than faith. He said he thinks that most people’s faith derives from their cultural background.


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