Summary of the meeting of the Dublin branch of 24th April 2010


24th April 2010 Dublin group meeting in Taney community hall, Dundrum

Sean Carr, Daphne Flannelly and Andrew Furlong read short papers which were followed by lively discussion.

Sean’s paper was on the ‘Nature of Authority’ and he focused his concerns on Papal and Vatican authority. Considerable discussion centred on how to change institutions.

Daphne wrote about ‘Gratitude in Society’ and this deeply spiritual paper clearly demonstrated that a healthy society is one in which its citizens cultivate and practice the gift of gratitude.

Andrew’s paper was primarily theological. He drew attention to the time when Israel’s thinkers moved from a polytheistic world to a monotheistic one. In the former each nation / tribe had its own protector god, in the latter there was just one creator god. He argued that the error which Israel’s thinkers made was to state that the creator god, as if it was a tribal god, looked on Israel as its favoured nation. This led to delusions such as the expectation of a Messiah and a new kingdom in which Israel’s independence and freedom would be divinely restored.

Twelve people attended the meeting, two of them attending for their first time. It was decided to arrange the next meeting after the national lecture in Dublin on 24th September.


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