Summary of the meeting 24th March 2012


A meeting of the Open Christianity Network Dublin branch, attended by seven people, took place on 24th March 2012. We watched a DVD on Don Cupittís Sea of Faith TV programme. In it Cupitt contrasted the scientific world view of 20th Century with the religious world view of the medieval centuries. He explained how in 19th century births, marriages and deaths could be registered with the State quite separate from the Church.

Attendance at church in England has dropped over the last two hundred years to seven per cent and the church no longer controls society but is marginalised. Now science and technology control our culture and worldview. Cupitt asks whether faith is still possible given the new worldview. He wonders what our values are now based on. He considers that the truth is in the quest. Cupitt talks about Galileo, Descartes and Pascal in the programme. He quotes Pascalís saying that it is the heart which perceives God, not the reason. He draws attention to the way that the gap between faith and knowledge in 19th century became wider and wider. He asks whether the function of religion is to give value to life, to affirm human dignity in the face of an indifferent universe.

The DVD stimulated some lively discussion.

Report submitted by Andrew Furlong


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