Links to other sites that may be of interest to you:


link  - Progressive Christianity.org

Founded in 1994, as The Progressive Christianity Network, this is our sister network in the United States

link  - PCN Britain:The Progressive Network for Britain

The Progressive Christianity Network Britain works to promote and support open and contemporary Christian understanding. The Network recognises the value and significance of tradition and the scriptures in the shaping of Christian faith. But faith must be of today, not just the past.

link  - Modern Church

Promoting liberal theology – previously known as “The Modern Churchpeople's Union

link  - Radical Faith – Exploring the fundamentals of faith in a changed world.

This site contains an extensive booklist and excellent sermons and papers. The site is a project of The Society of the Sacred Mission, St Antony's Priory, 74 Claypath, Durham, DH1 1QT, England. more...

link  - St Marks Centre for Radical Christianity - Sheffield

Working to explore the meaning of the Christian faith for the 21st century and to offer a fresh vision for the Church. more...

link  - Free to Believe

Free To Believe (FTB) began informally within the United Reformed Church but now includes many with similar aims from other denominations. FTB organises national and regional conferences intended to encourage a liberal agenda within the Church.

link  - The Sea Of Faith

The Sea of Faith Network explores the implications of accepting religious faith as a human creation; promotes this view of religion, and affirms the continuing validity of religious thought and practice as celebrations of spiritual and social values. The Network has no creed. It welcomes people from all faith and non-faith traditions. Sea of Faith New Zealand Sea of Faith Australia

link  - Religious Tolerance - Ontario

OCRT, the Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance, attempts to serve the people of the United States and Canada in four areas:
1. Disseminating accurate religious information
2. Exposing religious fraud, hatred and misinformation
3. Disseminating information on dozens of "hot" religious topics
4. Promoting religious tolerance

link  - The Westar Institute

Dedicated to the advancement of religious literacy; home of the Jesus Seminar. more...

link  - Association of Catholic Priests

Objectives include: Giving an opportunity for Irish priests to engage proactively with the crucial debates taking place in Irish society and the full implementation of the vision and teaching of the Second Vatican Council. more...

link  - Changing Attitudes

Working for Gay and Lesbian Affirmation within the Anglican Church more...

link  - Christian Ecology Link

Christian Ecology Link offers insights into ecology and the environment to Christian people and churches AND offers Christian insights to the Green movement

link  - Churches Together in Britain and Ireland

The Churches thinking, working and praying together. more...

link  - The Centre for Progressive Religious Thought - Canberra, Australia

A safe place for those who wish to push the boundaries of theological thinking... more...


people  - Andrew Furlong

Human rights, gender, development issues, religion and peace, reappraising and reforming the Christian tradition. more...

people  - Peter Rollins

“To believe is human; to doubt divine”. Originally form Belfast, Peter Rollins is a philosopher and writer on religion who is now based in the USA.

people  - Jim Burklo

Musings of the Associate Dean of Religious Life at the University of Southern California. more...

people  - Rex Hunt

Rex Hunt’s website which has Sermons, Liturgies, Prayers, and Articles from a progressive / post-liberal theological perspective.more...

people  - Sean O'Conaill

Born in Dublin in 1943, Sean studied English and History at UCD in the early 1960s. Developing a deep interest in the European Enlightenment - the historical origin of modern secularism - he was also fascinated by the Second Vatican Council, ongoing in those years. His abiding intellectual fascination has been the problem of reconciling faith and personal freedom.more...

people  - Val Webb

Val (Skerman) Webb’s professional career spans microbiology, business, public relations, writing, art and theology.more...

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