Articles by Andrew Furlong

Addressing and challenging a culture of fear. October 2003  Furlong Fear 2003

Astonishing assumptions underlying belief in atoning sacrifice.  Irish Times Easter 2004    Furlong Sacrifice 2004

The extraordinary story of Christmas: is it credible?  Irish Times 23 December 2006
Furlong Christmas 2006

What is missing in Islam is need for modern theologcial insights. Irish Times 4th November 2006 Furlong Islam 2006

Uncertainty is Truth’s shadow. 2010 Furlong Uncertainity 2010 An earlier version of this article appeared in the Irish Times on 2nd March 2010 as Christianity must distinguish metaphorical from literal beliefs.  Furlong Beliefs 2010

Articles by Hilary Wakeham

The New Christianity?; New concepts which will allow faith and worship to flourish
7 May 2002  Wakeman New Christianity 2002

Theological myths at the root of Christian decline. December 2003 Wakeman Believing 2003

What next for Christianity in Ireland? September 2006  Wakeham Christianity 2006

Other Articles

The Dean [Andrew Furlong] in Context. David Fitzpatrick 2002  FitzPatrick Dean 2002

Beyond Alienation – A Personal View Sean O’Conaill 2004 OConaill Beyond Alienation 2004

Mature Faith has nothing to fear from critical reason.  Sean Goan and Kieran O’Mahony. January 2007 Goan O’Mahony Faith 2007

Thoughts on the After Life.  A letter to a friend (about the After Life and much more) written by somone who has attended OCN meetings. July 2008 Anon Thoughts 2008