Lectures and Talks

Shaking the Kaleidiscope: 21st Century Christianity by Richard Holloway, former Bishop of Edinburgh and Primus of the Episcopal Church in Scotland. September 2006.  (These are notes taken at the lecture by Anne Odling-Smee, not the original text.)
Notes on Holloway 2006

The Religion of Post-Christian Ireland by Don Cupitt. (These are Cupitt’s speaking notes annotated by Peter Gibson who attended Cupitt’s talks in Belfast and Dublin.) Cupitt notes 2008

Who on earth was Jesus? by David Boulton. September 2010  David Boulton 2010

Search for Truth, Search for God by Bishop Willie Walsh, former Bishop of Killaloe. October 2011  Bishop Walsh 2011

An enlightened philosophy: can an atheist believe anything? by Geoff Crocker. October 2012.   Crocker Enlightened Philosophy 2012

In Defence of Doubt by Dr Val Webb. June 2013  Webb Doubt 2013

Reform of the Church by Father Brian Lennon SJ. September 2013.  Lennon Reform 2013