OCN Mission statement

Do justice, love tenderly, and walk humbly with your God. – Micah 6:8

Open Christianity is a network of people who wish to engage with the Christian tradition in their search for meaning.

We affirm:
the freedom of each individual to develop their own spiritual vision, and accept that in this task there are similarities as well as differences between us. Many people currently feel that they are living at, or beyond, the margins of the Church’s tolerance. It is our purpose to create an environment in which the search for truth in the light of contemporary understanding can take place. We welcome church members as well as those who find themselves on the margins of belief or practice.

We seek:
* to provide an environment in which beliefs and doubts can be explored and faith can grow, in the light of developments in areas such as Biblical scholarship, theology, philosophy and the sciences

* to claim our Christian heritage, whilst being open to truths and resources present, or yet to be discovered, in other traditions

* to draw sustenance from the life and teachings of Jesus of Nazareth

* to value and practice love, inclusivity and justice as Jesus did, and to voice our concerns about abuse, discrimination, corruption and poverty.

We are open to all who agree with our aims, without distinction. No-one is required to agree with any statements of beliefs or to fulfil any degree of religious practice. We hope that, instead, they will enjoy searching, exploring and sharing together, and growing in the honest and healthy faith that is right for them.

Our founders are practising members (including clergy) of most of the mainstream churches, as well as agnostics, people at the margins, and those who are disappointed with their church yet still find it a source of spiritual nourishment. Some of us are theologically trained, some are not.

We are not seeking to become a new church. Rather, we ask that our views and our consciences be heard, and treated seriously, by Christian denominations and their leadership; and that this open, inclusive and questioning way of living and believing be recognised and accepted as an authentic Christian position.

The Open Christianity Network welcomes and will support everyone who wishes to join.