Meetings in 2018

19th November 2018

We met on Monday 19th November at 6.30pm in St George’s, High Street, Belfast when we discussed “The Christian Middle Way: the case against Christian belief, but for Christian faith” by Robert M Ellis (Christian Alternative, ISBN:978-1785357565). Robert Ellis also has a website that promotes The Middle Way as an ethical approach abetter life by integrating desire and avoiding dogmatic extremes.

17th September 2018

We met on Monday 17th September at 6.30pm in St George’s, High Street, Belfast.  The author of the article “Thoughts on the After Life”, which is on the Articles page of this website, led the discussion.

11th June 2018

We met on Monday 11th June at 6.30pm in St George’s, High Street, Belfast and discussed    “Unbelievable – why neither ancient creeds nor the Reformation can produce a living faith today”  by Bishop John Selby Spong (Harper One ISBN:978-0062641298.) Peter Thompson started the session by reading a summary he had prepared.  This summary can be found here: Spong Unbelieveable Summary

16th April 2018

Ten of us, including a newcomer (who had discovered us via the internet and the website), met in  St George’s, High Street, Belfast. The process of introducing ourselves to the newcomer stimulated a wide-ranging discussion about belief, faith ,spirituality etc.  We then discussed how OCN should seek to raise its profile in the future.

29th January 2018

The meeting, which was held at St. George’s, High Street, Belfast, discussed “A Little History of Religion “by Richard Holloway . Yale University Press. ISBN 978-0300228816.  Peter Gibson’s introduction to the discussion can be found here:  A Little History of Religion