The Omega Course

How to be a Christian without believing things that are unlikely to be true.*

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This course was written by Kit Chivers, who attends meetings of the OCN.

From the Preface to the Omega Course:

“This is a short course of study for people who are interested in Christianity, either as newcomers puzzled by religion or as existing believers. For the latter the aim would be a sort of spring cleaning of their faith, clearing away some of the cobwebs and throwing out the bric-a-brac. It is meant to be delivered in ten sessions under a tutor, with a very small amount of required reading (all from the Bible) and some questions for discussion at the end of each session.”

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* Other Omega Courses.  We are aware there are several other Omega Courses that deal with religious matters from varying points of view. For example, one Omega Course aims to prepare for the end of days and the second coming of Jesus. Another course, whose title, like the title of Kit’s course, is a response to the Alpha Course, that has been promoting a more traditional version of Christianity since 1977, is Peter Rollins’ Omega Course. Details can be found at Rollins Omega.